Anatomy of a Toilet 101

Posted On: June 13, 2017
Internal Plumbing Toilet

We’ve all got a toilet in our home. And, we all know what an inconvenient position we can find ourselves in when our toilet unexpectedly poops out on us. Sometimes, when you know what happens inside, it can be easier to identify and solve any issues that happen, or avoid them altogether. So, here’s the Anatomy of a Toilet 101.

The Basic Parts

Most toilets, whether old or new, have the same basic parts. Each has a flush lever, chain, flapper, float and intake valve. They work together to keep this mainstay of every bathroom working smoothly and cleanly.

How It Works

The process starts when you use the lever to flush the toilet. The lever is attached to the flapper by a chain that raises it up. The water leaves the tank and heads to the bowl below, causing the water in the bowl to head into the sewer pipes. When the water in the tank empties, the flapper drops into the hole in the bottom of the tank and it starts to fill up. The water only stops when the float gets high enough to disengage the intake valve.

There are two kinds of float that you’ll find in a toilet. Older models will have a ball on the end of a long metal stick. Newer models will have a float that goes around the intake valve. Both work in basically the same way.

Water is fed into the valve and in turn, the tank, through a supply line that goes into the toilet from the wall in your bathroom. The supply line many times will have a handle on it that allows you to turn the water on and off when your toilet needs repair.

What To Do

Ever hear your toilet mysteriously filling with water when it hasn’t been used? How about a valve that starts leaking water? If these happen, you’ll see the value of knowing what different parts are and what they do. Plus, if you’re not a person that wants to fix it yourself, you can tell a trained plumber what’s happening. If you fit into that description, you can always set an appointment with a Genz-Ryan professional. We’d be happy to come around and fix your issues, no matter how big or small.

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