Hybrid Heat HVAC Systems MinneapolisHybrid home comfort systems are a great energy-efficient way to heat and cool your home. This ‘smart’ system chooses the most energy/cost-effective way to heat your home, depending upon the temperatures outside.

Genz-Ryan offers Lennox® Hybrid Comfort Systems.

This Dual-Fuel capability combines Lennox gas furnaces (certain models) with a Lennox electric heat pump to enhance comfort and fuel efficiency by alternating between electric and gas heat, optimizing energy use and minimizing heating costs.

Hybrid home comfort systems offer homeowners a new, more efficient way to heat & cool their homes.  A Hybrid system reacts to changing temperatures and automatically adjusts to the most efficient energy saving method available to heat or cool a home. It’s a fuel-saving alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems in that it combines a furnace with a heat pump, rather than an air conditioner.

A heat pump runs your furnace using electricity when the temperature drops inside your home. Heat pumps are generally the most energy efficient type of heating and cooling.  When the temperature gets very cold and drops below an “economic balance point,” at which it becomes more efficient to use gas to run your furnace, a hybrid heat system switches over to the alternate heating source.

Why is a Hybrid Heat System Superior to Other Types of Heating?


  • Hybrid systems offer the ultimate in comfort. Even better, hybrid systems cost less to operate.Energy Star
  • Hybrid heat systems use the most efficient way to heat depending on how cold it is outside.
  • Heat pumps usually supply heated air at 105 degrees, which results in a comfortable household level when it is moderately cold outside.
  • Air supplied by the furnace (natural gas or oil fueled) is usually 135 degrees as it leaves the furnace. This results in a more comfortable level when it is really cold outside.