Outlet & Switch Installation in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Do you find yourself always reaching for a power switch or electrical outlet that’s not there? Do you have outlets or switches you avoid using because they don’t work right? If you have ever experienced these problems, then it’s time to call Genz-Ryan Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning. Our team includes licensed electricians who can safely install light switches and outlets or address repair or relocation needs. With our help, you can have the items you need in the areas of your home that they will serve you best.

If you need help with your outlets and switches, call Genz-Ryan at (612) 223-6158. You can also get in touch with our electricians online. We proudly offer a full range of electrical services throughout Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Outlet & Switch Installation Services

As technology has changed and developed, so has the need for working outlets and switches in the home. If you’ve ever found yourself wishing that the wall by your bed or your couch had its own outlet, then it’s time to start thinking about outlet and switch installation services. Genz-Ryan can safely install an outlet wherever you need it, so you can enjoy your technology to the fullest. Whether you’re looking for dimmer switches, three-way switches, outlet replacement, or light switch wiring, our team is ready to assist.

Call Genz-Ryan today at (612) 223-6158 to discuss your outlet and switch installation needs with a qualified, professional electrician.

Outlet & Switch Repair & Relocation

Sometimes the room you enjoy has enough outlets and switches, but they’re in all the wrong places. Maybe you want to put your entertainment system on the one wall that lacks sufficient outlets, or perhaps you have remodeled your home to add a door and now need to move the light switch accordingly. Moving outlets requires the help of an electrician, but it can be done!

In addition, the team at Genz-Ryan can assist with troubleshooting light switches and outlets that aren’t working properly. If the light switch has a flicker or the outlet seems to smolder, you need to address the problem quickly to avoid unnecessary risk to your home. Our electricians can quickly find and repair the problem, protecting your safety.

For both repair and relocation help with your outlets and switches, trust the experience and knowledge of Genz-Ryan. Contact us now for help in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Why Call Genz-Ryan for Outlet & Switch service?

If you’re tempted to tackle your outlet and switch problems on your own, you may want to think twice. Electrical safety is a serious risk, not only for the person performing the job but also for your home after the job is complete. Calling a professional electrician helps reduce that risk. When you work with a licensed electrician, you will enjoy:

  • Protection from the risk of shock or electrocution
  • Confidence knowing that the job is done correctly, with no electrical fire risk hiding behind the walls
  • Peace of mind that your new switch or outlet will work properly

Don’t put your safety on the line by trying to DIY your electrical needs. Contact Genz-Ryan to schedule a licensed electrician to come to your home and help. We offer electrical switches and outlet repair, replacement, and relocation services throughout the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul region.

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