Winners of Our 12 Days of Giving Furnace Giveaway

Posted On: December 13, 2019

Genz-Ryan’s second annual 12 Days of Giving Giveaway contest has come to a close. We’re very thankful for the support and generosity of Amana, which made this giveway possible.

We’re also grateful that so many people participated in this year’s contest! In fact, our 2019 contest was more popular than ever, getting more than 70 entries that earned nearly 9,000 votes. After looking at all the entries and tallying the votes, we’re happy to say that we have 12 winners! The winners include deserving families from around the Twin Cities area.

We’ve featured the stories of a couple of our winners below. We’ll be announcing the other winners on Facebook every business day from now through December 20, so stay tuned for more on the other 10 winners!

Jodi M., Furnace Giveaway WinnerJodi M.

Jodi M. earned the most votes from our Facebook contest, receiving 1,159 votes total! Here’s a look at her touching story and why so many people voted for her and her family to win a free furnace.

I have three kids with different levels of special needs. My youngest has a weak immune system, asthma, and many other physical and developmental delays requiring all different kinds of appointments to help her thrive.

The level of her needs only allows me to work part-time, as I need to be able to make all these appointments, manage her special needs paperwork, and be there for my other two kids as a single parent.

I’ve worked hard to take care of my current furnace, which turned 19 this month, but we all know they don’t last forever. The past few years [have] brought a few emergency calls, but I have managed to keep it going. It would be nice to have a stress-free winter, a reliable and efficient furnace, and lower heating bills for the next 10 years.

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Denise M., Furnace Giveaway WinnerDenise M.

Denise M. is another one of our holiday furnace giveaway winners. Check out her moving story, submitted by one of her children, below.

My mom is an amazing person. She gives selflessly and has cared for my aging dad for the past year; due to a decline in health, he was on hospice.

She is the only one working, and due to their lack of income, the house has fallen a bit to the wayside, much to my dad’s dismay. He tried [to make the repairs the house needed] but wasn’t able.

This past summer, her AC went out, [and] she was told she needed a whole new furnace. Theirs was on its last leg. [And] the water softener needs some work, she was told. You see, she had to take the past month off work, as my dad has severely declined. We tried to find a nursing home to help relieve a bit of the cares, but the one we tried was not fit for anyone to be in; [so], we left after just two hours of having him there.

My mom went without income to care for him. He fell two weeks ago and broke his hip, [and] she cared for him through this all. [She] gave him his pain meds, bathed [him], fed him, and kept him comfortable in his own bed. He passed away peacefully with my mom by his side on Oct. 25th, just the way he wanted to go.

Since his passing, both of their cars have died—one [had a] transmission [failure], one [blew a] head gasket. She found out her main water pipes are in need of a $10,000 fix two days before he passed… Her co-workers [gave her some extra hours at work] to help with a bit of income, [but she was] told 5 days after he passed by HR that they took the hours away because he passed. Apparently, you can’t use the hours if your loved one passes; [you can use the hours] only to care for them while they are living. What a crushing blow when you are in the midst of funeral planning. Shame on her employer for being so insensitive.

It’s just been one thing after another for her. She will bounce back with time and healing, but I would love for her to be able to have one less care. She deserves this after all she has been through. My dad was a maintenance man; he managed many Twin [Cities] area nursing homes for 50+ years. It killed him not to be able to fix things anymore. This would also make him smile in the sky to know she is taken care of.

Please consider my mom for a new furnace from Genz-Ryan. This would be what she needs to make her first Christmas without my dad just a bit more special. [It would be] a sign he is still caring for her from above. Thank you!! – Jean Sawyer

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Genz-Ryan Is Proud to Give Back to the Twin Cities Community!

At Genz-Ryan Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, we’re honored to give back to the Twin Cities community that has supported us for decades—and we’re both proud and grateful to be able to partner with Amana for our holiday furnace giveaway.

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