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The Low Down on Dirty Air Filters

Posted On: July 27, 2015

Did you know the small maintenance tasks that you are avoiding can actually end up causing you the most problems in your home? Life can be busy and small maintenance tasks can get pushed to the side. If you have the time to take care of one small maintenance task choose to change your dirty air filter in your air conditioner or furnace.

Neglecting to change your dirty air filter? Here’s what can happen:

  1. Frozen coils. A dirty filter allows dirt to build up on your coils, causing your system to not be able to transfer heat as effectively, in turn causing your coils to freeze over.
  2. Dirty air. If your filter is dirty your whole home is getting dirty air blown back into it.
  3. Increased energy bills. Since your air conditioning unit has to work much harder to cool your Florida home, it uses more energy, causing higher energy bills.
  4. Reduced airflow. If the internal airflow amount isn’t being met then the air conditioning unit may malfunction.

An HVAC filter should be replaced every 1-3 months depending on usage. If you don’t have the time yourself to change it put your HVAC system on a regular maintenance plan, it will pay for itself. A regular maintenance plan will save you on repair costs in the future and help your HVAC system operate more efficiently.

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