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Stay Cool and Stay on Budget

Posted On: August 02, 2017
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No one enjoys sitting down to pay bills. If you’re like most people, it’s the gas bill in the winter and the electric bill in the summer that creates the most angst, thanks to your heating and cooling needs. It seems there’s a price to pay for comfort and that’s why zoning your home can be so beneficial.

Reasons for Zoning

One of the biggest reasons to consider zoning is lowering your gas and electric bills. Simply put, zoning your home saves you money because you’re controlling the temperature different ways in different spaces, based on your needs. If you have a room you don’t use a lot, you have the flexibility to give that room minimal heating or cooling. When it comes time to pay your bills, instead of that sinking feeling, you feel a sense of relief as you keep more of your hard-earned money.

Using your home in different ways is another reason to zone. Any home has at least two distinct zones. One is your living space and the other is your sleeping space. Since you spend a lot of time in your living room, family room or kitchen, you’ll want the most comfort there. You’ll spend less time in your sleeping space and your needs will demand more comfort during peak slumber periods. Having individual control in those spaces lets you tailor your experience so you sleep more comfortably.

The Best Approach

Because we believe in only bringing you the best for your home, we discovered the best option when it comes to zoning. Honeywell has created a family of products that will help you cool and heat your rooms differently.

The best part of having this great technology in your home is that it’s very low-profile. Dampers inside your ductwork will handle everything and an unobtrusive control in each room handles the temperature. When one room needs less heating or cooling, the dampers shut off the flow of air until it’s needed again. Zone controls will be installed as a part of your furnace and air conditioning unit. And, the system works the same way to keep each room perfectly zoned just the way you want it, no matter the season.

Comfort and Savings Together

Zoning gives you the ability to enjoy comfort in each room of your home while saving you money each time you pay the bill for cooling or heating. Want to know more? Talk with us about the benefits of zoning your home and the various ways we can help you do that. A Genz-Ryan technician can design a system that uniquely works for your space. The comfort you experience when we install this system might even include a better feeling when you pay your monthly bills.

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