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June is Home Safety Month

June is Home Safety Month, a time to reflect on what you can be doing to keep your home and…read more

Do Programmable Thermostats Save You Money?

Yes, programmable thermostats can save you money. In fact they can save you up to 33% on annual heating and…read more

Keeping Your Basement Dry

A sump pump is a basement and crawl space’s best defense against flooding. Flooding is considered to be the second…read more

The Importance of Spring Air Conditioner Tune-Ups

While you’re busy freshening up the inside of your home this spring, you may want to take a minute to…read more

Where is my shutoff valve?

Home water systems have two types of shutoff valves: main/master shutoff valves for stopping the flow of water to the…read more

Why Does My Sink Back Up When I Run The Dishwasher?

Having a dishwasher is very convenient, as washing dishes by hand is never much fun. However, there are times when…read more

Defending Your Home From Frozen Pipes

Minnesota winters can cause frozen pipes, resulting in costly damage to your home. When water freezes it expands, putting great…read more

What Causes Dry Air In A Home?

Stuck wondering why your home’s air is so dry? During the colder months of winter dry air may become more…read more

FREE Service Call When Repairs Are Done

FREE Service Call- Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling! (when repairs are done) If your HVAC equipment breaks down or you spring…read more

Why Your Tub Faucet Leaks When The Shower Is On

Here’s the scenario: You turn on the water to take a shower, switching from the tub faucet to the showerhead.…read more
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