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Anatomy of a Toilet 101

We’ve all got a toilet in our home. And, we all know what an inconvenient position we can find ourselves…read more

How to Clean a Dishwasher

The dishwasher is the one appliance you might think is the cleanest in your kitchen. After all, cleaning is its…read more

Spot the Bus Contest with Genz-Ryan

Keep your eyes on the road for a chance to win $500! The Genz-Ryan fleet of blue and red vehicles…read more

Don’t Flush That! What Not to Put Down the Toilet

Toilet paper is specifically designed to work with your plumbing system, dissolving before any risk of clogs or backups. Other…read more

Why Service is Vital for your Water Heater

Maybe you’ve experienced that moment with your water heater. The moment when your shower unexpectedly gets cold. Or how about…read more

Common Problems with Air Conditioners

Imagine that it gets just hot enough outside that it causes the air in your home to get warm. You…read more

Winning the Battle with Household Allergies

No matter when it is, allergies are a very real issue in Minnesota. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America…read more

When is it Time to Replace the Toilet

The question of replacing a toilet is not a simple one. Toilets are designed to last for many years, so…read more

Claim Tax Credits Around Your Home

If you found yourself in need of a new furnace or air conditioner this past year, you might be able…read more

Choosing the Best Heating System

Whether you’re considering a system for an existing home or you’re building a new home, how you heat it is…read more
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