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Make a Winter Vacation Prep List and Check it Twice

Posted On: December 11, 2015
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Face it; nobody wants to come home from a vacation to a disaster inside his or her home. Getting your home ready for a winter vacation is well worth the effort. Prepping your home isn’t difficult, but it’s easy to overlook many simple things. That’s why creating a checklist of tasks to do around the home before you leave for a vacation is essential.

Where to start? Lets dive in.

Do a walk through of your home. Look for electrical devices such as toasters, coffee machines, computers, tablets, TV’s etc. Simply unplug those devices. These items draw electricity. Save yourself some money and lessen the risk of fire. Something you may want to consider plugging in are timers for your lights.

Time to make your way to the kitchen. Clean out the refrigerator, sink traps and garbage disposal. Do this to minimize any smells that could come from rotting food sitting in your refrigerator, sink traps or garbage disposal.

Turn down the heat. This will save you money while you’re away. It’s important to keep the home above 55 degrees to ensure pipes don’t burst. If leaving pets at home raise the temperature accordingly.

Turn off the water supply to your home and open all faucets to drain them. Don’t just turn off your water sources inside. If your furnace breaks down while you’re gone your pipes could freeze and possibly burst. Turn off the main source, then open up every faucet and drain the water lines.

Lower the water heater temperature to save money on utilities while you’re away.

Store outdoor furniture such as tables, chairs and hammocks inside a garage, shed or storage unit. Strong winds could blow these pieces away or they can become damaged in a storm.

Store your valuables such as jewelry, laptops, money, or cash in a safe place.

Ask a neighbor to shovel you won’t want to come home from a trip to a snow mountain in your driveway.

Clean the house, coming home from a vacation is exhausting enough. Don’t come home to a mess.

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