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Is Your Furnace on its Way Out?

Posted On: September 18, 2015

When your furnace just isn’t giving you that warm feeling anymore it may be time for an upgrade or furnace repair. Don’t wait until your furnace leaves you high and dry on a frigid Fall or Winter morning.

If your furnace is exhibiting any of these warning signals it’s time to call in back up:

  1. A strong gas smell
    Call a professional heating contractor right away! You may have a leak in your furnace’s heat exchanger, which can be a very serious problem.
  2. Your furnace has started shouting at you
    Old furnaces often start to make strange noises as they get towards the end of their life. Anything from banging, popping, rattling, and squealing noises could come from your furnace. If you’re hearing this, it’s probably time for your furnace to be replaced.
  3. Your electric bills are through the roof
    Did the airline give you a call wondering why your utility bill landed on their airplanes windshield? Furnaces often lose their efficiency as they age especially if they haven’t been maintained properly. As a result your furnace may run longer to provide the same amount of heat.
  4. Your home is having hot flashes
    You may be seeing hot and cold spots in your home. As your furnace becomes less effective, you may notice some areas of your Minneapolis area home don’t heat as quickly or efficiently as others.
  5. You’re seeing dust bunnies
    Older furnaces often lack the ability to filter the air in your home. You may notice dirt and dust begin to build up quickly.
  6. Frequent repairs
    Your furnace may be breaking down more often as it ages. You may benefit more from replacing it as it becomes more expensive to maintain.

If those signs sound familiar give us a call or schedule a heating repair online and we will send one of our heating technicians out to your home.

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