Happy New Year to Your Home!

Posted On: December 31, 2014
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Good Bye 2014 and Hello New Year – 2015!

By now you should have your New Year’s Resolutions all figured out personally, but what about resolutions for your home? Are there any home improvements that are lurking around that you have been meaning to take care of? Is your HVAC system running smoothly? Have you thought about changing out plumbing fixtures? Now is a great time to start making resolutions for your home, more specifically, for your HVAC and plumbing. Your mechanical systems is what makes your house a comfortable home, but they need yearly maintenance in order to perform accurately. Here are some great tips for 2015:

  • Schedule your annual maintenance for your HVAC systems – Make sure your furnace and air conditioner receive their tune-ups so that they work well all year long. Tune-ups will increase the efficiency of both systems and help you avoid performance problems and breakdowns during the coldest or warmest times of year.
  • Change your filter throughout the year – Changing your filter is the most important maintenance task you need to perform on your HVAC system. By checking or changing your filter every month, you can avoid major problems with efficiency and air quality in your home. Genz-Ryan offers a filter plan that allows you to be on a yearly auto-ship program where we send out the filters you need once a year for a fee. This way we handle the remembering for you.
  • Sign up for a Maintenance Plan – Most heating, cooling, and plumbing businesses have a Service Partner Plan that allows homeowners to make a monthly payment for yearly maintenance on their furnace in the fall and air conditioner and water heater/ plumbing inspections in the spring. Contact Genz-Ryan for more information about our Service Partner Plan. https://www.genzryan.com/
  • Flush and fill your water heater – Your HVAC system isn’t the only one that needs maintenance around the house! Receiving a water heater tune-up will keep its performance running at top level.
  • Watch what you put down your drains – Make sure you pay close attention to what goes down the drains in both the kitchen and the bathroom. Clear your plates in the garbage before rinsing in the sink, use drain traps to catch hair and other problematic items. Also, for all those bacon lovers out there, DON’T pour grease down the drain! This will lead to clogs.

These are just some of the resolutions you can and should make for your Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing. Don’t get yourself in a rut for the New Year; stay on top of your maintenance and avoid some of the most expensive repairs in your home!

Here at Genz-Ryan, we want you and your home to be happy.

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