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Energy Efficiency in Winter

Posted On: January 05, 2017

You want to stay warm, but also want to save money. You can do both with these tips.


While you’re probably convinced your home is sealed up from heat leaking out, there’s likely a few places you could seal up. One of the areas where you’re likely to find gaps is under your sinks. Look where pipes come through the wall and you might notice gaps around them. Heat will leak through these gaps. If they’re small, you can use caulk to fill the holes. If the gaps are bigger, a shopping trip might be in order as there are products to help close larger gaps around pipes.

You might also look around windows and doors. If you feel any cold air near them, chances are there’s a gap there. Those gaps can also be filled using caulk. If you notice a window that lets out a lot of heat, you can also use a heavy-duty plastic sheet that you attach to the insides of the window frames. The other option here is to look for window treatments that will help insulate the windows when they’re closed.


Finding the best temperature is important but, if you insulate properly and fill gaps, that ideal temperature can change. The Department of Energy suggests that you set the temperature as low as is comfortable. Planning on wearing heavier clothing in winter may keep that temperature low.

If you’re planning on sleeping or leaving the house for an extended time, you’ll want to consider lowering the temperature. This will save you anywhere between 10 to 15 percent over the course of the year if you lower it for 8 hours. A programmable thermostat can help to make this change effortless.

Furnace Maintenance

If it’s been a while since your heating system was maintained, you should consider getting it looked at. When your system is kept up, that means it won’t have to work as hard to keep the right temperature. That means money you’re not spending to keep things warm. You should also regularly change out the furnace filter. If the filter isn’t replaced, the system must work harder to get the air through the filter, as it picks up particulates over the course of time.

Wintertime doesn’t mean that saving money is out the window. We can help you keep your system working smoothly so you can continue to save money. Get in touch and schedule a maintenance appointment for your heating system. The money you spend on maintenance will come back to you in savings during these cold months of winter in Minnesota.

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