Don’t Spring a Leak – Avoid Plumbing Issues This Season

Posted On: April 23, 2018
Pipe leaking water

Spring is finally here, and the warmer weather is near. After another long winter, we’re all eager to turn the heat off and let the fresh air in. It’s also the time of year that many of us start thinking about “spring cleaning” and we suggest adding a plumbing inspection to your annual project list.

Your pipes, drains and entire plumbing system work hard for you through a Minnesota winter full of snow, ice and freezing temperatures. So to avoid any unexpected repairs, here’s a list of things you can do each spring to ensure your plumbing system continues to work for you:

  • Check your pipes for cracks, breaks or leaks.
  • Unclog your drains if they aren’t draining properly (Big clog? We can help. Schedule your drain clearing appointment today!).
  • Make sure your sump pump is working to avoid basement flooding.
  • Schedule a $59 flush and fill for your water heater to clear out sediment.
  • Add filters to your bathroom drains to catch hair, soap and other substances that could clog your drains.
  • Examine hoses on your washing machine, dishwasher and icemaker for leaks or bulges. If you have to replace them, make sure to use stainless steel hoses.
  • Clean out leaves and other debris from your gutters so water can flow through them when it rains.

Don’t let plumbing problems slow you down this spring. If you have any other concerns after the hard winter, our trusted plumbers can help. Schedule your next appointment online, and don’t forget to check out or maintenance plans, too!

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