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Back to School Energy Savings Tips

Posted On: August 05, 2016
Back to School

The kids are back to school, you’re back to your regular work schedule, and your home is now empty during the day. Like most, you’ve probably taken advantage of back to school savings when buying school supplies, but did you know you can extend those savings into your home?

These back to school saving suggestions will set you on your way to energy savings in your home:

Increase your thermostat temperature.
During the day, your home is empty, there’s no reason to waste money keeping your home too warm or too cold. Lower your thermostat while nobody is home, this will help you save between 4-8% on your cooling costs with every degree you increase the temperature. When using your heat just reverse the process.

Keep blinds closed when warm, open when cold.
When it’s warm, keep your blinds shut. This can cut down how hard your air conditioner works by 30%. When it’s cold, keep your blinds open to bring warm light in.

Stick to Energy Star rated appliances.
Energy Star appliances can reduce your home appliance energy usage and costs by as much as 10-50%.

Switch out incandescent light bulbs.
Incandescent light bulbs are simply energy wasters.

Unplug unused devices.
These unused devices that are plugged in can account for 5-10% of your energy bill.

Get your HVAC checked.
When your heating and cooling system becomes filled with dirt during the year it becomes less reliable, which costs you more money. The average home’s central heating and cooling system runs about 2,000 hours per year, do you really want to go without maintenance?

Get a home energy audit.
A home energy audit is like a checkup; your home gets examined to check where energy is being lost.

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