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3 Things to Consider When Upgrading Your Bathroom

Posted On: June 30, 2015

When buyers are in the market for a new house, they will focus on the number and condition of your bathrooms. After all, kitchens and bathrooms sell homes.

While upgrading or adding a bathroom to your home can increase its value and appeal when you go to sell, it is important to keep a few important factors in mind while planning a remodel.

  1. Consider a potential buyer’s perspective, as well as your own, when planning a bathroom remodel.

    While your personal taste and preference are of utmost importance, you can save yourself time and additional expense down the road if you consider the type and quality of features that are popular in your area. One of the best ways to determine if your bathroom remodel will improve the appeal and resale value of your home is by seeking outside opinions. Seeking out the advice of a successful real estate agent in your neighborhood or interior designer in your area can provide you with valuable knowledge about what people are looking for in a bathroom.

    You may find that a feature you had previously considered an indulgent expense could, in fact, add value to your home.

  2. Focus on the visuals in your bathroom, such as the color of your tile, walls and finishes of your bathroom fixtures.

    When remodeling your bathroom with resale in mind, it is best to stick with timeless, neutral colors and fixtures and allow your accessories to do the personalizing. Ultimately, you want prospective buyers to envision themselves in your bathroom. It is much easier to do this if you make it simple for them to see how they could make small updates to customize your space.

    For example, switching out a yellow hand towel for a green one is much easier than repainting an entire room.

  3. Finally, visit a kitchen and bath showroom or superstore for complete design inspiration.

    Look for showrooms that feature complete bathroom designs for ideas on how you can update yours. Be sure to ask the staff which styles and features are most popular.

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