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Why Is My Outlet Buzzing? Signs You Should Call an Electrician

Buzzing outlets are a serious cause for concern. They are not something you should ignore or try to drown out.…read more

What Is Included in an AC Maintenance Appointment?

Are you questioning whether air conditioning maintenance is really necessary? AC maintenance is much more than a simple inspection. If neglected,…read more

Help! My Ceiling Fan Stopped Working!

8 Reasons Why & 4 DIY Fixes Your ceiling fans are essential for air circulation and convenient temperature control for…read more

Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality This Spring

Spring pollen can prevent you from spending time outdoors in the nice weather. While you can’t control the air quality…read more

Genz-Ryan Donates Lunch to Over 600 Front-Line Hospital Workers

At Genz-Ryan Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical, we believe in giving back to the Twin Cities community and showing care…read more

5 Tips To Prepare Your AC for Summer

Winter in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area can sometimes feel like it will never end. But summer is on its…read more

Jon Ryan’s Top Tips for Frozen Pipe Prevention

Frozen pipes can occur in any home, but older homes and homes with aging plumbing systems or poor insulation are…read more

Winter Furnace Tips From Jon Ryan

Winter is upon us, which means there isn't a moment to waste if you have fallen behind on taking care…read more

Anatomy of a Toilet Explained

No home is truly complete without a functioning toilet. While these bathroom mainstays might be part of our daily lives,…read more

What Is a Backflow Preventer & Why Do They Matter?

When operating normally, water entering your home from the main water supply line should only flow in one direction. If…read more
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