Genz Ryan Tech Furnace

Imagine, for a moment, the panic that would set in if you woke up to wet floors and damaged valuables from an unexpected plumbing leak.  Or, think about that feeling when you need heat and your furnace leaves you in the cold. Then imagine, it’s the hottest day of the summer, and your A/C just won’t blow. You expect comfort in your home and there’s nothing comfortable about these sudden, unexpected problems.


When you have a leak or home comfort issue, you don’t want to be left in the lurch. Unexpected issues are all too common and that’s exactly why we created the Genz-Ryan Service Plan Partner program. We want to be the partner you turn to when moments like these strike. More importantly, we want to quickly fix the issues you’re having and bring you the comfort and peace of mind you need to have in your home. Another value you can expect through our plan is that we offer solutions to help you avoid problems like these in the future.


Peace of Mind


Peace of mind is priceless, and that’s what you can expect through our Service Plan Partner program. Your home’s plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems will be at their best. Our experienced technicians always ensure that you have the knowledge you need to see potential problems and help you identify solutions to minimize them in the future. And if you have an unexpected issue at the worst possible time, the peace of mind you’ll have knowing a partner stands ready to help you is without parallel. We’re there, ready to help in an emergency, after hours and on holidays; and our Elite plan members never pay extra fees in those times.


Some of the other great benefits include discounts on equipment replacement, service repairs and furnace filters. You’ll even enjoy prioritized scheduling. Plus, the convenience of having furnace filters and water softener salt delivered straight to your door, with no extra fees, is huge.


The Plan


Check out the service plan levels below. For as little as $5.00/month and at less than $20.00/month, each plan level will deliver the comfort and peace of mind you need when emergencies strike and offers the regular maintenance your equipment needs to help avoid them.

Service Plan

Maintaining the health of your home’s systems is as essential as regular maintenance on your car. We take them for regular oil changes to avoid more serious issues and keep them moving us down the road. The same can be said of our furnace, air conditioner and plumbing. A little regular maintenance can give your home’s systems that same boost that an oil change can give your vehicle. In the end, it means more predictability and comfort for your home, and we all want that.


Want to know more? Contact us and ask about becoming a Service Plan Partner today. It could be one of the best, most cost-conscious, time-saving decisions you make for your home.